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    Ad campaign launched to pressure senators on oil exports

    Jennifer A. Dlouhy

    FuelFix / Houston Chronicle

    A group fighting oil exports is launching commercials in five states to try to pressure lawmakers ahead of possible votes in Congress coming as soon as September.

    The ads from the newly formed organization Allied Progress are set to run on cable and broadcast television networks over the next four days in Colorado, Maine, Montana, New Hampshire and New Mexico. Collectively, the spots urge the public to call lawmakers and ask them to keep a longstanding ban on crude exports in place.

    The commercials are a continuation of a TV campaign Allied Progress used last week against New Jersey Sen. Robert Menendez, after the Democrat highlighted the possibility of leveraging “strategic” crude exports as a geopolitical tool to buttress a new round of nuclear negotiations with Iran.

    The advertisements — along with separate pro-export commercials being aired by the Domestic Energy Producers Alliance — are airing in states represented by senators viewed as possibly voting to end the ban (some of whom are up for reelection year). For instance, the group includes Democratic Sens. Martin Heinrich and Tom Udall of New Mexico, Sen. Michael Bennet (D-CO), and Sen. Kelly Ayotte, a Republican from New Hampshire. [more]

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    Will Iran get a better deal than US oil?

    Will Marshall

    The Daily Beast

    As Congress takes up the Iran nuclear deal next month, it ought to confront this paradox: The agreement allows the Iranians to do something Americans can’t—sell oil to the rest of the world.

    Don’t get me wrong. I support the deal, under which Tehran would stop enriching weapons-grade uranium for the next 15 years in return for relief from economic sanctions. It’s not perfect, but President Obama is right that it’s better than what we’d have if his conservative critics got their way—no deal, leaving the Islamic Republic on the brink of acquiring nuclear weapons. [more]

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    Bush leads push for endangered species reform

    Ally Mutnick

    Texas Tribune

    As far as Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush is concerned, the game is rigged when it comes to protecting the chickens of lesser prairies and the warblers with golden cheeks.

    The son of GOP presidential hopeful and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush is leading an alliance of 23 state land commissioners in a charge against the Endangered Species Act, calling for more transparency on how animals are added to the federal endangered list.

    In question is a practice known  “sue and settle” under which environmental advocates sue the federal government if it misses deadlines to respond to their petitions seeking to name a new endangered species. To avoid long court trials, agencies such as the US Fish and Wildlife Service and National Marine Fisheries Service sometimes enter into settlements with the environmental groups filing the petitions. The end result, Bush claims, is species ending up on the list without sufficient scientific basis, and taxpayers end up footing the legal bills of both parties. [more]

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    Oil export ads launched as Congress nears vote on foreign crude sales

    Jennifer A. Dlouhy


    Oil producers eager to sell crude around the world and groups fighting to thwart those transactions are airing the first television advertisements on the issue, as Congress nears a vote on lifting the nation’s longstanding crude export ban.

    The Domestic Energy Producers Alliance, co-founded by Continental Resources CEO Harold Hamm, is running ads on television and online in four states, aiming to build support for the issue and bolster lawmakers leaning toward a pro-exports vote.

    And in New Jersey, a new group named Allied Progress is launching a 30-second advertisement on cable television and online that blasts Democratic Sen. Robert Menendez for endorsing “strategic” oil exports to US allies last week. [more]

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    For the sake of jobs, lift the ban on exporting US oil

    John Boehner

    Exclusive to the Pennsylvania Tribune

    The United States recently overtook Russia and Saudi Arabia to become the world's leading oil and natural gas producer. This is a big achievement, especially when you consider that just a decade ago, our energy future looked murky. We were importing most of the oil we consumed; we were building terminals to import natural gas. Congress even passed a law in 2006 to move the country toward other sources of energy.

    Republicans didn't give up, though. We included a provision in that same law — the Energy Policy Act — which recognized that the states were doing a good job regulating the process of hydraulic fracturing. We saw that Washington didn't need to dictate how things were done or get involved at all.

    Ten years later, this one provision has helped unleash a national energy boom that has created countless jobs and a manufacturing revolution.

    How extensive is this boom? It is the most rapid increase in oil and natural gas production in American history. Job growth in the oil and gas industry has far outpaced the economy as a whole. Across the country, gasoline prices continue to fall by the day. And if trends hold, it could soon become cheaper to make things here than in China. [more]