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As a proactive leader in our industry, we want to urge you to join us in the Domestic Energy Producers Alliance (DEPA).

About Us

The Domestic Energy Producers Alliance is a nationwide collaboration of 15 coalition associations – from California to West Virginia, Texas to Montana – representing about 10,000 individuals and companies engaged in domestic onshore oil and natural gas exploration and production (E&P). We believe in seeking common ground, and in common sense solutions to the challenges that face us in our businesses, including our relationship with the federal legislative and executive branches of government. In only its fifth year, DEPA now represents a majority of the individuals and companies responsible for the current renaissance in American oil and natural gas production.


  • Independents are not Big Oil

    More than 18,000 independent producers drill 95% of US oil and natural gas wells, and account for 67% of US production
  • Maintaining critical tax provisions

    The American public benefits from the tax provisions furnishing the capital to drill for the energy that all Americans need
  • Regulatory Common Sense

    As independent producers, royalty owners and our service industry partners, we are all united together – partisanship aside – to educate national decision-makers on who we are, what we do, and why the survival of the independent domestic energy industry is so vital to the nation’s economy

In The Spotlight

Lifting Export Restrictions on US Crude Oil

Energy research firm IHS estimates that the elimination of the export ban on US crude oil would lower gasoline prices and reduce US petroleum imports while supporting up to 964,000 additional jobs.

Lifting the 1970s-era restrictions on US crude oil exports would lead to further increases in domestic oil production, resulting in lower gasoline prices while supporting nearly 1 million additional jobs at the peak.

Doing away with exports restrictions would also generate added benefits to US household income, gross domestic product (GDP) and government revenues. Read the IHS Executive Summary [here]

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    Rules for political donations

    One of the questions I am asked most often is, “What are the current contribution limits for campaigns for federal office?” The answer, of course, is the same for both Republican and Democratic candidates, and so this column is not intended to be partisan.

    The reason that the question is asked is that the US Supreme Court continues to hand down decisions interpreting the campaign laws passed by Congress so that this somewhat of a moving target.

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    2014 Crude Export Timeline

    In recent months, both Congress and the Executive Branch have become increasingly interested in studying the decades old crude oil export ban, a move that signals the possibility of removing the ban in part or in whole.

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    Legislative Update - July 2014

    The renaissance in domestic energy production is the greatest success story of the new American century. That this remarkable narrative was sparked by independent producers is no coincidence. From the wildcatters and roughnecks that were the catalyst for America’s first oil boom to the visionary independents that married the age-old practice of hydraulic fracturing with revolutionary horizontal drilling techniques to trigger today’s renaissance, it has always been the rugged individualism, creativity and drive of the American oilman at the core of the country’s energy industry.

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    Current regulatory process of the EPA is a closed loop

    President Barack Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says it cannot produce the study that ignited the “global warming” theory years ago so that members of Congress can examine its validity.

    The skeptics of global warming – now referred to as “climate change” – have very sound reasons to question the validity of the study, according to a paper released by Brett Schaefer and Nicolas Loris of the Heritage Foundation.

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