DEPA Commends the Trump Administration

Oklahoma City— 05/20/2019The Domestic Energy Producers Alliance (DEPA) stands in solidarity with President Trump and the countless American businesses and workers who have struggled for decades against the tide of government owned and subsidized Chinese industry.  In just over 10 years the American energy renaissance has transformed the economic and geopolitical landscape, securing America’s energy independence and security for generations to come.  This energy renaissance was built on the dreams, ingenuity and hard work of a few independent American energy producers and American workers.  The bountiful availability of American oil and natural gas gives all American manufacturers and businesses a powerful new competitive edge in the global economy. Even though for the short-term US energy producers could face higher prices for many products imported from China and American energy exported to China will face retaliatory tariffs, the effort to level the field of trade is well worth it.

America’s independent energy producers believe now is the time to stand together for a better deal for all Americans – our solidarity now will guarantee an even stronger America for future generations.  DEPA commends the Trump Administration on its relentless efforts to cut through mounds of unnecessary regulations and policy hurdles which has been critical in making America the world’s number one oil and natural gas producer.