DEPA Praises President Trump’s Executive Orders  Unleashing American Energy

OKLAHOMA CITY – The Domestic Energy Producers Alliance (DEPA) released the following statements following President Donald Trump’s recent executive orders, which pave the way for energy infrastructure development in the United States. The U.S. energy market has been financially disadvantaged globally due to infrastructure constraints.

“President Trump is once again delivering on his promise to unleash American energy and prosperity. For far too long, there have been unnecessary permitting barriers and bureaucratic red tape standing in the way of true American energy independence. Thanks to this president and his latest actions, America will become energy dominant and consumers across the country will have access to the affordable and reliable energy they deserve,” said Harold Hamm, DEPA chairman.

“The president has taken these actions to help remove the delays in approving much-needed infrastructure projects needed to move our products to market in the safest and least expensive way. This will allow the domestic industry to continue to make the U.S. the dominant energy producer in the world,” said Jerry Simmons, DEPA executive director.

DEPA has actively been in Washington, D.C. conducting meetings and discussing the importance of streamlining the permitting process to get critically needed pipeline infrastructure approved.

The executive orders make it more difficult for states to block construction of oil and gas pipelines and gives the president the authority to approve permitting that crosses international borders.

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