Impacted by trading irregularities on 4/20/2020? Make your voice heard!

Steps you can take now.
1. File a complaint with the CME on behalf of your company.
Call (312) 341-7970 or
File a complaint online here:
2. Reach out to the CFTC and ask them to investigate the CME.
Call (202) 418-5000 or visit for additional contact information.

We want to hear your story.
Additionally, we would appreciate hearing your personal stories about how you/your company have been impacted by the price crash and crude oil trading below $0. This includes job losses, layoffs, furloughs, budget cuts, amount of shut-in production, etc. Maintaining your anonymity, it is so important we have the statistics and data to share with policymakers so they understand the real-life impact this has had on our industry.  Email your story to